Uh oh. Despite all those assurances that SIN CITY 2 is just around the corner the fact that its co directors both have other projects to work on mean it has been delayed…and perhaps even…worse.

Yesterday, I told you about a little interview which featured Michael Madsen claiming that Sin City 2 might not be moving forward as planned due to the box office failures of Grindhouse. While we’re not entirely sure that Grindhouse played a part in this whole ordeal, Frank Miller told Rotten Tomatoes that the film has been officially delayed as both men gear up to take on separate projects before re-visiting the Sin City universe. Miller says, “Sin City 2 is still likely to happen, just not right away. The script is written and Robert [Rodriguez] and I are raring to go, but it looks like I’m going to be doing The Spirit first and Robert’s going to be doing Barbarella first.” Maybe it’s just me, but “likely to happen” isn’t the greatest confidence booster in the world. Was Miller holding a Magic 8-Ball when he was asked that question? “All signs point to This Sucks!”


  1. HA HA HA another Frank Miller Delay. Wow Finish what you start. fisrt. Besides the Spirit may be a good movie but it will basically be Sin City with a guy in a hat, trenchcoat and mask. Ever wonder why the dark night resyurns , Sin City , AND All Star BAtman Stoires, and events are the same, Its called recycylcing old ideas, which CAN work…..if it is USED SPARINGLY.

  2. “Besides the Spirit may be a good movie but it will basically be Sin City with a guy in a hat, trenchcoat and mask …”

    I suppose this is a commentary aimed at Frank Miller, specifically. The Spirit is nothing like Sin City, and doesn’t have to be if it’s done well. I can’t see blasting a whole genre for similarities. If we did that, there would be no STAR TREK, where every episode ends with “reversing the photon torpedoes,” or some other gobbledy-gook.

  3. I’m sure that SPIRIT and BARBARELLA are fast-tracked studio blockbusters, while SIN CITY is creator-owned, which means that Miller and Rodriguez are GUARANTEED the opportunity to make the sequel whenever they want.
    I notice people seem to enjoy it when successful people have trouble. Everybody LOVED these guys last year.

  4. Let’s not forget that Angelina Jolie is due to take a take from making movies and those guys were waiting for her prior to this announcement. So, are they coincidentally or conveniently waiting for her return? I can’t wait to see Sin City 2 as it’s still my fave.

  5. I think Kyle puts it the best.

    but Rodriguez may have also scared away some investors and he may need to prove that he can actually make a good movie without all the cheesyness of an action, greenscreen, movie in which the characters are more important than the celebrities that portray them.

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