Avril Lavigne manga goes back to press

Via PR: , Del Rey Manga is pleased to report that after only 4 days on sale, AVRIL LAVIGNE’S MAKE 5 WISHES (Volume 1; $12.95; 978-0-345-50058-8) has gone back to press for a second printing. Hailed as “a disturbingly well constructed comic” and “a testament to what can be done with one of these projects” […]

March sales: Buffy is #9!

Diamond has posted the March sales charts, and it was another big month for Marvel, while DC and Dark Horse had equal numbers of books in the top ten, thanks to BUFFY SEASON 8 #1’s astonishing numbers. Newsarama has this to say. Paul O’Brien had his own take: The March 2007 direct market sales are […]


PAINKILLER JANE, the new Sci Fi series based on the Event comics, debuts tonight at 10 pm. According to the website Agent Jane Vasko discovers she has powers of super-healing, and joins a team to ferret out “Neuros”, individuals with superhuman neurological powers. To prevent a panic, the government has kept the discovery of Neuros […]


Maybe it’s really RUNNING GAG FRIDAY here at Stately Beat Manor, as this interview with Craig Kyle of Marvel Studios brings up the Beat’s favorite punching bag: But I think what’s fun about this part of this job at Marvel is the diamond in the rough. When Blade was first introduced who knew that he […]

The Webcomics killer app?

Joey Manley talks, as he is often wont to do, about the webcomics business model and points out that it still hasn’t hit it big: But think about it: there hasn’t been a YouTube, a MySpace, or even a Weblogs, Inc. kind of success in the webcomics world yet. Even Keenspot, the largest company for […]

Neil Gaiman interview

Wild River Review has a much longer than usual interview with Neil Gaiman, where at one point he returns to the olden days: …I know for me, at least, one of the joys of comics has always been the knowledge that it was, in many ways, untouched ground. It was virgin territory. When I was […]

Startled Archie fans

Speaking of Archie, this AP story surveys the development that was, all things considered, even more shocking than Cap’s death: updated Archie characters, which the story claims startled regular readers. Archie’s managing editor Victor Gorelick says it was all a misunderstanding and the newer versions are only appearing in a few stories — but they […]

The Iron Man #16 affair

Apparently, Iron Man #16 had to be recalled by Marvel, although not before some “bad” issues had slipped out to Borders and newsstands. Why was the issue recalled? Well the Prosaic reason is that it was a printing malfunction: The error copies reportedly have pages printed out of order. Originally scheduled to street in comic […]