2055 4 31Maybe it’s really RUNNING GAG FRIDAY here at Stately Beat Manor, as this interview with Craig Kyle of Marvel Studios brings up the Beat’s favorite punching bag:

But I think what’s fun about this part of this job at Marvel is the diamond in the rough. When Blade was first introduced who knew that he was going to be the juggernaut that he was in that film franchise. It just takes the right creative mind and the right take on the characters and I think that all characters, even Woodgod, could be something special.

UGO: No, not Woodgod.

CRAIG: Hey, I’ll tell ya. If you hand it to Grant Morrison, I think anything’s possible.

UGO: Well maybe if you give it to Grant Morrison. Sure.

And by the way, your eyes are not deceiving you. That Marvel Premiere cover really does say “The MAN-BRUTE called WOODGOD. The House of Ideas does it again! ALL-OUT ACTION in the Mighty Marvel Manner! The most BIZARRE super-hero of all! You MUST read…A BIRTHDAY NIGHTMARE!” Protean.

See also.

Hey, speaking of Marvel, their stock is undergoing the traditional pre-Spidey movie rise:

Shares of Marvel Entertainment Inc. neared a 52-week high on Thursday after an analyst raised his earnings estimates for the company, saying he expects strong toy sales related to the upcoming release of “Spider-Man 3.”

Sanders Morris Harris analyst David Miller said the comic book publisher should generate $225 million from toy merchandising revenue, helped by robust sales of Hasbro Inc.’s new line of Spider-Man-themed toys.

“It’s a whole brand new toy line from Hasbro that just came out about three weeks ago,” said Mr. Miller.

Profit-takers beware: Marvel stock dropped a bit after the last two Spidey films opened.


  1. You know what’s really weird now that I’m over at Sony Pictures? Last time I was at this studio in 2004- Spider-man 2 was a mere month away from opening up and the whole studio billboards were nothing but Spidey 2 images – but today with the movie out in two weeks – the studio only has one billboard advertising the new movie on Washington Blvd.



  2. Woodgod takes a lot of undeserved crap. The art in that single issue (can’t recall who did it; I was 8 at the time) was gorgeous. Don McGregor or somebody. The Kirby cover was an odd choice given the style inside.

    And no, Caleb, I don’t think that issue of Premiere has ever been reprinted, but it should be a pretty reasonably priced back issue wherever you find it. There was also a 2-part Marvel Team-up a few years later featuring Woodgod, Spiderman and the Hulk.
    Some fun stuff as I recall.

  3. The problem with Woodgod was that he didn’t have the hyphen. Spider-Man, X-Men, She-Hulk–you need the hyphen. Wood-God wood have made it.

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