Joey Manley talks, as he is often wont to do, about the webcomics business model and points out that it still hasn’t hit it big:

But think about it: there hasn’t been a YouTube, a MySpace, or even a Weblogs, Inc. kind of success in the webcomics world yet. Even Keenspot, the largest company for which any numbers have been released (at their San Diego Comic-Con panels), falls far short of those examples. I’ve seen them claim, at different times, anywhere from 200K to 300K in annual revenues — my own business does somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 Keenspot’s revenues, depending on which number you believe. In either case, that’s nothing for a VC. That’s a lemonade stand.

More in link, including PENNY ARCADE.


  1. Why webcomics haven’t taken off is that Alan Moore, Frank Miller or anyone of that comparable talent level is doing them exclusively. Webcomics has not had it’s Watchmen or even it’s Fantastic Four #1.

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