Journal02Wild River Review has a much longer than usual interview with Neil Gaiman, where at one point he returns to the olden days:

…I know for me, at least, one of the joys of comics has always been the knowledge that it was, in many ways, untouched ground. It was virgin territory. When I was working on Sandman, I felt a lot of the time that I was actually picking up a machete and heading out into the jungle. I got to write in places and do things that nobody had ever done before.

When I’m writing novels I’m painfully aware that I’m working in a medium that people have been writing absolutely jaw-droppingly brilliant things for, you know, three-four thousand years now. You know, you can go back. We have things like The Golden Ass. And you go, well, I don’t know that I’m as good as that and that’s two and a half thousand years old.

But with comics I felt like — I can do stuff nobody has ever done. I can do stuff nobody has ever thought of. And I could and it was enormously fun.


  1. I loved reading Sandman when it came out, but I really loved 1602. I’ve read the first three issues of The Eternals, and am really enjoying them, too. Neil Gaiman may not be comics best writer, but he has broken new ground.

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