Apparently, Iron Man #16 had to be recalled by Marvel, although not before some “bad” issues had slipped out to Borders and newsstands. Why was the issue recalled? Well the Prosaic reason is that it was a printing malfunction:

The error copies reportedly have pages printed out of order. Originally scheduled to street in comic stores on March 21st, correctly printed copies will now hit comic stores for April 11th release.

We’ll go with ICV2’s report, however, this blogger thinks there may have been a “wardrobe malfunction”:

At first I didn’t see any printing problems. I then noticed something kind of funny in one of the panels. I’m no expert, but I do believe that is a nipple popping out of this young woman’s bathing suite. Click on the image to see a larger version.

You can go there to see this “n*pple slip” as they call ’em in the biz. If you ask us, the chihuahua’s feet could also be mistaken for some guy’s franks and beans, but was this enough to get the issue reprinted? Probably not.


  1. I have the DM version of the issue here and the, um, “nipplish” element is still in the drawing both in that panel and the one before. I think it’s supposed to be a piece of fabric on the bikini.

  2. Saw it at a local Waldenbooks last week while waiting to see “Grindhouse.” That was almost certainly an areola. I’m just so jaded to the supposed “maturity” Marvel’s been aspiring to that I assumed they’d abandoned all pretense of all age marketability. I mean, in the same issue the Mandarin pops a dude’s skull out of his head like a cork. “The kike named Sabretooth” I can believe was an accident; this, not so much.

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