Beasts success highlights new Axis of Beauty

Beasts is a collection of fantastical creatures in the cryptozoological tradition. Edited/Art Directed by Jacob Covey, it’s a portfolio of today’s hottest alt/indie artists from Jeff Soto to Souther Salazar to K. Kikuo Johnson. This piece in New City Chicago has pointed out that it has  also sold very briskly, and has gone into a […]

Campbell on lettering

A few people mentioned Eddie Campbell’s thought on the art of lettering in the comments to our post yesterday, and we thought they were worthy of their very own call out. Therefore the very first thing the artist must do upon a approaching a page is pin down the balloons. In fact I go so […]

New Kyle Baker!

Hot diggity dog! Baker says the tale is based on this true story about some very special forces indeed: The Army’s recruitment of an autistic teen has once again put the spotlight on the pressures recruiters face in trying to get new volunteers in a time of war. Earlier this week, 18-year-old Jared Guinther from […]

Flight of the Wedding Bee

‘Tooners Amy Kim Ganter and Kazu Kibuishi were wed this weekend. Scott McCloud officiated. Congrats to the happy and talented pair. Meanwhile, Newsarama has an immense 57 page preview of FLIGHT #4 up. Even with that many pages posted, we know this is one puppy we want to hold in our hands — it looks […]

Sanderson on Feininger, etc.

Peter Sanderson just doesn’t get enough appreciation. There we’ve said it. One of comics’ resident historians, he’s been writing about this stuff long enough to know his facts, and he’s one of the best actual writers about comics, as well. For instance, to plug our own PW Comics Week, Peter had this to say about […]

Grant, we hardly knew ye

It seems that Grant Morrison is taking more steps in his transition to Hollywood script-guy with a story Variety likes to call Comicbook author to write ‘Area 51’: Paramount Pictures has hired comicbook author Grant Morrison to pen the feature adaptation of vidgame franchise “Area 51.”Christine Peters will produce through her Par-based CFP Prods. with […]

METAL MEN forge ahead at WB

It seems they are planning to make a film based on the Metal Men the quirky team created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru in 1962. Lauren Shuler Donner (X-MEN, CONSTANTINE) produces, with Eric Champnella (MR. 3000) to script. The Hollywood Reporter story has an unusually in-depth account of the book’s publishing history: Metal” revolves […]

Fox hopes toons make ads interesting

Fox is hoping the animated adventures of a Lithuanian-Greek cabbie named Oleg whose hobby is racking down runaway shopping carts will prevent tivo-ing viewers from speeding through ads: Oleg’s adventures will be shown as Fox tries to keep viewers entertained during commercial breaks. Since the onslaught of digital video recording devices started hitting homes in […]