28 DaysA few Fox Atomic Comics notes for those behind-the-scenes junkies.

The first Fox Atomic Comics release 28 Days Later: The Aftermath is on sale this week. Please go buys copies so I will continue to have moore work than I know what to do with! Seriously, I thought it was worth mentioning here because it’s currently the #1,508 book on Amazon, which is, all things considered a pretty healthy standing especially considering the fact that the entire Fox Atomic Comics line is an attempt at original graphic novels without previous pamphlet exposure. The other sales figures I’ve heard are also quite respectable.

Of course, it’s a tie-in to a popular movie, and that can’t hurt. I think it also shows that people are increasingly willing to accept a graphic novel as a film tie-in. (The book actually bridges the events of 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER.) I know that Harper Collins’ marketing efforts are also a factor here, as is the fact that it’s a good looking book from strong creators. I’ll let others ponder whether this is of any interest in the ongoing pamphlet vs trade debate.

In a totally hype filled observation, I am getting in pages on the book I am working on now, Thomas Ligotti’s THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY, from Michael Gaydos, Ben Templesmith, Colleen Doran and Ted McKeever. It is fair to say that I often find myself cackling with glee at these pages — the book is turning out exactly as I envisioned it, and that’s always gratifying.

Anyhoo, if my faithful readers find these Fox Atomic posts offensive, let me know and I’ll post them elsewhere.


  1. Got our shipment last week, put it on the endcap next to Villard’s first title.
    Looks nice, but not a fan. Now, are the folks at Harper going to do some bookstore promotions? Or maybe a crossover with the Simpsons, perhaps on the website?

  2. I don’t find your hype to be offensive at all, Heidi – but I do find it odd that you’re editing this type of genre. I mean, all this horror and slasher stuff has gotta play havok with you getting a decent night’s sleep.

    I’m just waxing nostalgic over those sweet and innocent “Adventure On” days of yore!



  3. I really dig with getting to hear what The Beat’s up to (as all those “too busy to post much” posts are starting to make more sense now), and I personally appreciate the full-disclosure notice about you working with Fox Atomic and the “I hope this isn’t ticking anyone off” head’s up. I say, keep posting them from time to time.

    — Jonathan