Fox is hoping the animated adventures of a Lithuanian-Greek cabbie named Oleg whose hobby is racking down runaway shopping carts will prevent tivo-ing viewers from speeding through ads:

Oleg’s adventures will be shown as Fox tries to keep viewers entertained during commercial breaks.
Since the onslaught of digital video recording devices started hitting homes in recent years, TV networks and advertisers have been trying to find ways to keep viewers from skipping over the ads.

Tracking down missing shopping carts, that oughta hold the little bastards!!


  1. They had me at “Lithuanian”. Unfortunately, I don’t own a TiVo or watch many Fox shows. So, their having me doesn’t mean much.

  2. Why didn’t Fox use a Black perosn, or an Arab, or a woman? The reason they used a Lithuanian was we are one small group yet we represent all immigrants that Fox despises. Trying to make Lithuanians look like buffoons is just a coverup for making all immigrants look that way. Shame Shame Shame. A real Imus moment.

  3. Are you kidding me, Jim? I don’t really get the commercials, but I hardly think it’s a slam on Lithuanians. In fact, I didn’t even know he was Lithuanian-Greek. Also, how does Fox try to make all immigrants look like buffoons? And why does Fox “[despise] all immigrants?” How do you get that from some weird commercials that make fun of Rosie and the Donald? Seriously, our country has forgotten how to take a joke, or just grin and move on. (Yeah, that’s how I feel about the Imus comment, too. It was stupid, but how many people had heard about it before “Reverend” Al and Jesse started shouting?)

  4. I think the cartoon is spot on. Mike’s right; people need to stop being so thin-skinned about things in media. We don’t get dramatic when people make a joke at a party or whatever. So, what gives? It’s funny, mate! So, harden up and get o with it. Anyway, I like this new fellow, Oleg. I’d like to see downloads for the whole thing, too. Maybe they can give Jib-Jab a run for their money. Cheers, big-ears!