§ Someone here was complaining that Queens is to be left out of the Spidey 3 festivities taking place at the end of the month, but in what we can only term a fitting move, the movie will premiere in that fine borough:

The event, slated for Queens because it is Peter Parker’s hometown, is set for April 30, four days before the pic’s May 4 global bow. It is part of both the Tribeca Film Festival and “Spider-Man Week in NYC,” a co-venture by the city and Columbia Pictures. The film’s global debut is set for April 16 in Japan.

Ff2-126 Sm
§ Meanwhile CBR posts new FF 2 stills. Please go there for more. Howabout them skintight suits, eh?

§ More in the endless rounds of SIN CITY 2 gossip

The stars of the SIN CITY prequel have been told not to discuss ANGELINA JOLIE’s possible involvement in the film. Jolie has been linked to the graphic novel adaptation, A DAME TO KILL FOR, but director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ is keen to keep his big name star under wraps and he’s told his cast members not to reveal any details. Actress ROSARIO DAWSON, who will reprise her character, GAIL, opposite other Sin City alumni BRITTANY MURPHY and JESSICA ALBA, says, “The lead actress is going to be absolutely fabulous; but I can’t tell you who it is.” But Dawson does reveal to Movies.com, “It’s going to be the prequel to my segment in the first one, so you’ll understand a little bit more what the argument was between (co-star) CLIVE OWEN and my character.”

But what does Clive Owen look like BALD, that’s what we want to know.


  1. I think it might be a photo of FF after they’ve been in a fight or something. She looks like she’s got a scratch on her face.

    Oh Johnny, my Johnny. Yes, those skin tight suits… my eyes just keep drifting downward, Johnny. Ever downward. Sigh… HOT! (and TIGHT!)

  2. At first I was like “Wow, richards has quite the package going on.” Then I looked to the right and I was like “But he’s hung like a mouse compared to the thing, who appears to have a watermelon in place of his pork and beans.”

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