Come See Women Monday at MoCCA!

STole this from Marion’s journal because I’ve been too busy to post!! Come see The Beat and three other smart women yak about comics at MoCCA this MONDAY! Monday, March 12, 7 p.m.: THE BIG PICTURE Four women from diverse sides of the comic book world talk about what’s happening in the industry now and […]


Well here’s a swell way to kick of the weekend…we get chills just thinking about it…Via AICN, the first real test image of Roschach from Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN.

Cap flap continues to be media sensation

We understand that Joe Quesada will be on Geraldo this weekend to talk about the death of Captain America. The story will also be covered on tonight’s CBS Evening News. Also, there is a strong possibility Stephen Colbert will have more on it on tonight’s Colbert Report. There is a ton more to this ongoing […]

300: We got your Hot Gates right here

About halfway through 300, Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s graphic novel, the battle finally kicks in. We’ve been setting it up for 45 minutes — the brutal but freedom loving Spartans versus the sybaritic, slave-driving Persians, the tensions of tradition versus a giant army about to invade, and the ethics of […]

Interesting rumor

We’ve received a few whispers of late that since Kurt Hassler left his position as graphic novel buyer at Borders, his replacement is not quite as manga crazy as Hassler was, and a few publishers are feeling the pinch. Developing.

VENTURE BROS. Season 3 info!

Jackson Publick emerges from hibernation with a long post covering LOTS of stuff, including the next season of THE VENTURE BROTHERS. Season 4 has also been greenlit. The start of a new season is a parade of paralyzing possibilities—a tug of war between paradoxical, insecure thoughts of “how are we possibly going to come up […]

Quick links: Ponent Mon, Kominsky Crumb, Miller

§ Brigid talks to Stephen Robson of boutique manga publisher Fanfare/Ponent Mon: Having been frustrated myself by hearing so many great things about books I could never seem to find, I went directly to the source: Stephen Robson, who pretty much is Fanfare. In a lengthy transatlantic chat via phone and e-mail a few weeks […]

TINTIN movie at last?

A steven Speilberg-driven adaptation of Tintin for the big screen has been rattling around for quite a while; now, it seems, trigger has been pulled: DreamWorks will film the adventures of the iconic Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin, it was announced Thursday in Brussels by Herge Studios, which holds the rights to the fictional journalist and […]

Morning spell check: Straczynski, Gyllenhaal, Shazam

§ J. Michael Straczynski’s screenwriting career would seem to have taken a positive turn as Clint Eastwood may direct his CHANGELING script, and Angelina Jolie may star. Jolie would play a woman whose son is abducted but retrieved; she suspects, however, that the returned child is not her kid. The woman must then confront corruption […]