Jackson Publick emerges from hibernation with a long post covering LOTS of stuff, including the next season of THE VENTURE BROTHERS. Season 4 has also been greenlit.

The start of a new season is a parade of paralyzing possibilities—a tug of war between paradoxical, insecure thoughts of “how are we possibly going to come up with 13 new stories?” and “where am I going to put all these ideas?”—as hundreds of random thoughts, jokes, chunks of dialogue, half-baked plots and doodles fill up your notebook, post-its, stray pieces of printer paper and available napkins, then jockey for the pole position in your personal writing queue. You look them over. You look at some of last year’s unused material. You turn them over in your head. You kind of wait anxiously for one of them to stand out from the rest, take off in your imagination and roll downhill collecting more details and colliding into other ideas to start formulating a genuine story with a theme and B plots and everything—because until then you’re just a scatterbrained mess who both loves and loathes every idea that pours out of your head.

[snip]So what’s gonna happen this season? We couldn’t tell you if we wanted to. I’ve definitely got a short list of characters we neglected last season who I’d like to hit harder this time around, as well as a list of characters I’m personally boycotting for at least the first part of the season. And then there are some new guys and gals we’re hoping to breathe life into. Hopefully it’ll be great. You should watch them when they come on TV.

The new season will probably start about this time next year. The great Stephen DeStefano has returned as Storyboard Director. (There’s a nice interview with DeStefano at Frederator, btw.)

The above art is an unused cover rough for the Season 2 dvd. Woot!


  1. I cannot wait for season 3!!! I have pretty much memorized seasons one and two and my friends have found it necessary to actually buy the first two seasons just so they can understand my never ending stream of venture bros. references!

    Jackson Publick and team venture have renewed my love of cartoons o/


  2. One of the most entertaining shows i’ve seen! keep it up! The list of characters so far has been genius. The Venture bros. rank right up there with family guy but with a demonic twist. Can’t wait for the 3rd and future seasons!

  3. I absolutely love this show and EVERY I repeat EVERY one of my friends who have seen me watchin it have bought both seasons after seeing the first episode. With all the stupid things on AS (assy McGee, Saul of the Mole Men, and Tim and Erics’ Great Job just to name a few stinkers) its nice to know someone can still make a great funny and intelligent cartoon. Great work!

  4. I think the venture brothers are one of the greatest shows of late, animated or not. Great dialouge, snappy wit, hillarious plots, and excellent writing keep this crazed mixture somehow within a genre it has created. I am pleased to hear that their adventures shall continue. Keep up the good work.

  5. this is my fav cartoon,its the only thing in CN that I do watch, I only hope to live long enough to see season 3…

  6. I love everything about this show but mainly how many ways it is surprisingly funny. I hope you guys last as long as the Simpsons.

    Go Team Venture!

  7. My season 1 and 2 DVDs are going to be completely worn out by the time season 3 comes out. Venture Bros. and Home Movies are the greatest shows CN has ever picked up.

  8. Sooooo happpy right now. Less than 24 hours away from the video post of the first episode of season 3 AND season 4 was greenlit. Ahhh…. given the current era of television, there is much relief in knowing that a quality show is being given the chance it more than deserves. Don’t rush the seasons, just deliver the goods. And thanks for all the work so far.

  9. The start of season 3 was like Christmas as a child. I have set aside every Sunday now. The phone is off the hook. The snacks are out and the drinks are chilled and waiting. As Hank said at the close of season 2 on crashing to the ground (in a state of bliss after flying high) “Don’t stop!” Please more! Give me more!!!!