Well here’s a swell way to kick of the weekend…we get chills just thinking about it…Via AICN, the first real test image of Roschach from Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN.


  1. I don’t like this. We get a teaser of an upcoming film, showcasing one of its protagonists, despite the fact that no actors have been cast yet. Effectively that Rorschach is completely and thoroughly fake. Watchmen was about the humanity and that teaser shows us they can substitute everything with CGI these days, even the actors. Down with the CGI.

  2. No, James, this doesn’t come from a Watchmen trailer, it comes from… a 300 trailer!!! It’s JUST ONE frame inserted in minute 1:52 in this trailer:

    Zack Snyder’s having fun with the fans ;)

  3. el tio, I knew it was a teaser image and not a teaser trailer, but it’s still a 100% cgi protagonist here, without any actor behind… it.

  4. to james – actually I think its a merely a stand-in actor, wearing a mask.

    Its a screen test – to see how the costume looks when put on film, to see how digital matte backgrounds look when put on film. Its merely pre-production work – not the end of human actors and the arrival of all CGI Watchmen.

  5. yep, what Rich said. Personally, it shows some promise, but the image is way, way too dark. You have to strain to see the mask. I’m sure it will look better in motion. The hat looks a little too small, but then again, I think it might have been that size in the book as well.