200703090351A steven Speilberg-driven adaptation of Tintin for the big screen has been rattling around for quite a while; now, it seems, trigger has been pulled:

DreamWorks will film the adventures of the iconic Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin, it was announced Thursday in Brussels by Herge Studios, which holds the rights to the fictional journalist and adventurer.

Steven Spielberg will produce the film with partner Kathleen Kennedy, which is in development at his Amblin Entertainment for DreamWorks, but he is not expected to direct.

The Hollywood Reporter goes into the history of the film: Spielberg has been interested for some 25 years, but Tintin creator Hergé himself pulled the plug on one attempt at making the movie just before he died in 1983 when he learned Spielberg would not direct himself.

Tintin is of course one of the world’s most recognized comics characters, having sold some 220 million books worldwide in 77 languages. Several movies and cartoons have been made over the years, but none has been as high profile as this would be.

Specifics are still wide open as to whether it will be a cartoon, CGI or live action, or which book will be adapted. More background here.