EW previews new Spidey Toys

Ew! Venom!

Marvel Month-to-month sales: January 2007 — CORRECTED

by PAUL O’BRIEN [Editor’s note: Due to some errors on the ICv2 figures, erroneous information on variant covers for both WOLVERINE: ORIGINS and NEWUNIVERSAL #2 was included in the original post. Please make note of the corrected copy below.] CIVIL WAR continued to loom over Marvel’s output in January, in more ways than one. Not […]

Win a date with BKV @ WonderCon

We hear that Brian K. Vaughan is poised to be the Next Comics Superstar — at New York, you had to have a ticket just to get an autograph with the guy. So take advantage of his availability at this weekend’s WonderCon — there’s even a contest to win a lunch date with the happily-wed […]

Hachette acquires French manga publisher PIKA

Hm, take one multinational publishing conglomerate; throw in a hot genre; stir in a mention of a hot new imprint in the first paragraph of a press release, and add an acquisition, and you have a LOT of speculation: Brigid,, Chloe, Tom. The bottom line? Manga is hot GLOBALLY — check out the publishing stats […]

Health Updates: Drake, Sinnott

Robert Greenberger reports at Comicmix that veteran inker Joe Sinnott has suffered a heart attack. Meanwhile, Ken Gale updates everyone on Arnold Drake’s condition: I went to Cabrini Hospital today and also spoke with his daughter. His doctor said, “His heart enzymes tell us that he had a heart attack recently.” The “touch of pneumonia” […]

Dylan Meconis: “Girls night out.”

When woman draw superheroines.


The cover art for Warren Ellis’s first novel has been released.

Colbert on NYCC: “This is penetration!”

Mopping up yet more images, thoughts and generational moments from NYCC ’07. The New York Observer weighs in with a sharply written piece that captures much of the vibe: “This is penetration!” said Stephen Colbert, as he pointed to a poster of himself as Tek Jansen, the hero of a soon-to-be-released comic book. It was […]

WonderCon: Prism Comics

Lest we forget, WonderCon kicks off tomorrow, and Prism Comics will be there: On the heels of its appearance at the New York Comic-Con, Prism Comics is now hitting San Francisco’s WonderCon from March 2-4! Prism’s booth (#619), will host a full slate of LGBT creators including Tommy Roddy (Pride High), Lynx Delirium (The Goth […]

Things that go on in comics shops

With kids: That is, until a kid comes in with his dad looking for an Iron Man comic. One of the other guys takes them under his wing and shows off our spiffy ‘kid friendly’ corner and notes that Iron Man happens to be in the most awesome book ever, Marvel Adventures: Avengers. The kid […]

NYCC: Day 1 pictures

[Unbelievably, in all the rush these photos were supposed to be posted on Saturday, and they weren’t. Oh well.] Not much chance to take pictures on Friday alas, so these are even more random than usual. Looking out from the rear of Artist’s Alley, through Podcaster’s Alley. Molly Crabapple and friend. We spotted Scott Lobdell […]

24 Hour Comics Day dates announced

Via PR: Its time for cartoonists everywhere to start storing up sleep. They’re going to need it when October 20th rolls around, because that’s the date for this year’s 24 Hour Comics Day – the annual holiday where cartoonists worldwide each try to draw 24 pages of comics in 24 straight hours. This will be […]

Youngster funds third world relief via joy of comics

The headline says it all: Comic book pays for buffalo. For one year, 10-year-old Adam Ahrens saved every nickel, dime and quarter he could get his hands on. Adam also wrote and illustrated a comic book to sell to friends and family members. Eventually he came up with the $750 he needed. But he wasn’t […]