Robert Greenberger reports at Comicmix that veteran inker Joe Sinnott has suffered a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Ken Gale updates everyone on Arnold Drake’s condition:

I went to Cabrini Hospital today and also spoke with his daughter. His doctor said, “His heart enzymes tell us that he had a heart attack recently.” The “touch of pneumonia” I mentioned in my last e-mail is actually – or also – a blood infection called Septicemia. He’s getting a plasma transfer and a lot of anti-biotics and sedatives. He was unconscious the whole time we were there, which was several hours. He has edema and was moving his foot a lot, for what that’s worth.

He was having trouble functioning on Monday and his neighbor, Mr. Hennessy, brought him to the hospital the next day. He is still in intensive care as of today (February 28) and will probably be there for a while yet. March 1st is his 83rd birthday.

Arnold has been writing comics since the late ’40s. He’s written humor and adventure for all age groups from Batman to Jerry Lewis, from X-Men to Little Lulu. He is the creator of Stanley and His Monster, Deadman, Doom Patrol and Beast Boy. He also wrote what is probably the first American graphic novel; “It Rhymes with Lust” was published in 1950 with art by Matt Baker and is due to be re-released by Dark Horse in a few weeks (March, 2007).

Send cards, letters and art to Arnold Drake, Cabrini Medical Center, 227 E. 19th St., New York, NY 10003. The staff is very nice and assured me that he will get them.


  1. I know you and Ken weren’t trying to be exhaustive, but I feel compelled to list more of Drake’s characters that I’ve enjoyed over the years:

    Charlie 27 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge, Lorna Dane, Alex Summers, Villo the world’s vilest villain, and Brainex the world’s most diabolical machine.

    I wish Mr. Drake well. He knows how to combine drama, melodrama and comedy unlike any other writer.