Countdown to excitement

Wizard and the solicitations broke the story on COUNTDOWN Monday, with Newsarama adding more to the mix yesterday. We didn’t have time to blog the big news, but in case you missed it: yes, DC is launching another line-spanning weekly comic, one with Paul Dini as head writer. What’s interesting about it, from our standpoint, […]

Meanwhile back at the Civil War…

CIVIL WAR wrapped up this week, and of course we haven’t had time to go find a copy, online or in a store, but we haven’t had time to read ANY issues of CIVIL WAR yet. We’re “waiting for the trade”, as they say on the inside. or people who like a denoument, Mark Millar […]

To Do: Saturday 2/24: Beasts hits New York

Do you want to know where ELSE the cool kids will be? They will be at GIANT ROBOT! GIANT ROBOT NY and FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS PRESENT: BEASTS! With artists signing the new hardcover collection of nearly 100 illustrators depicting mythological and folkloric creatures. WHAT: BEASTS! book release signing WHO: Jesse LeDoux, Katy Horan, Keith Shore, R. […]

Podcast update: Ventures and Veitch

The Sound of Young America interviews VENTURE BROTHERS creator Jackson Publick for this podcast. (Thanks to Ian Brill for the link.) Speaking of The Venture Bros, this weekend on Saturday at 4:30 at the NYCC (that AGAIN?) there will be a Venture Bros. spotlight with Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer, James Urbaniak (Rusty Venture, etc.), Michael […]

Gramling takes over at Wizard

Wizard has hired former FHM EIC Scott Gramling to take over as EIC of the entire Wizard Magazine empire. Hiring a former lad mag guy to take over is a pretty smart guy, and our magazine industry peeps all have good things to say about Gramling (who once worked at Wizard) so…this could be very […]

How low can you go

Well, this is disgusting. Basically, a “promoter” set up an anime con, promising the extra profits would go to breast cancer research, and the whole thing was a scam. The “promoter” cancelled the event and made off with all the money. AnimeFF and its breast cancer awareness turned out to be a scam of ridiculous […]

NYCC: Tokyopop

Tokyopop is set up at booth #731 with creators including Eric Wight, Rivkah, Svetlana Chmakova, T Campbell, Amy Mebberson, Joanna Estep, Melissa DeJesus, M. Alice LeGrow, Federica Manfredi, Shannon Denton, Dan Hipp, June Kim, Frank Marraffino, Stuart Moore, James Barry, Joshua Ortega, Drew Rausch, Amy Hadley, Megumi Cummings, Steven Cummings, Jamar Nicholas, Rob Steen, and […]