FRUITS BASKET hits 2 million

Tokyopop writes to remind us that Natsuki Takaya’s FRUITS BASKET is one of the best selling comics in the world, although just where the 2 million figure comces from isn’t quite clear. TOKYOPOP, the leader of the Global Manga Revolution, is proud to announce that the company’s hottest manga series, Fruits Basket, created by Natsuki […]

Jeff Smith’s cover desigm

Chris Butcher takes time out from his usual delightfully savage commentary to examine the evolution of the cover designs of various editions of BONE : Fabulous! The best one yet! You can really see where Smith refined the hell out of his previous design and made it sing. We get a big beautiful bone, front […]

New York Comic-Con moves to April in 2008

We missed this interview with Greg Topalian at Newsarama in which he goes over plans to avoid Conmageddon this year. Only advance ticket holders will be allowed into the show on Saturday morning until noon, or whenever it is deemed safe. With all the excitement over the show, it’s probably wise to have a Code […]

Romita Spidey art goes for $100,000

The 1966 cover of Spider-man #43, drawn by John Romita Sr set an auction record, selling for $101,700 at a multi-estate sale held October 20–21 by Philip Weiss Auctions. It was a new auction record for original artwork from the Spiderman comic books. It was also one of dozens of lots that were sold from […]

American lesbian manga = ALM profiles an American yuri artist, Megan Gedris and her comic YU+ME. The article doesn’t actually use the term yuri, so instead of being “girl’s love’ maybe it is manga-styled lesbian themed comics: Lesbian-themed comics may be a bit of a rarity today, but that’s something that comic book artist Megan Gedris is aiming to […]

MORE Minx Links

Maybe you are sick of this, but the Minx announcement seems to have capped off a year in which comics’ gender issues took center stage in very unexpected ways. One of the interesting side effects of the Minx debate has been various examinations of the history of shoujo comics in Japan. David Welsh has some […]

Stan, Joe and Kevin

In all the recent hubbub we forgot to cover the Stan Lee-mets-Joe Quesada-and-Kevin Smith event to benefit the Hero Alliance this weekend. Luckily, Pat Loika has an account at the Bendis board: Stan was charming as always, and all three guys were funny as hell. The show started with a few technical difficulties (the slide […]

Art Lozzi explains color

We just can’t stop linking to John K’s blog, but this time he gets Hanna Barbera background designer Art Lozzi to explain his color theory, which does come down to forest green and salmon pink, but, somehow it works, damnit. Now how does one use it? Acrylic? Water colors, oils, gouaches, pastels -you name ’em. […]