In all the recent hubbub we forgot to cover the Stan Lee-mets-Joe Quesada-and-Kevin Smith event to benefit the Hero Alliance this weekend. Luckily, Pat Loika has an account at the Bendis board:

Stan was charming as always, and all three guys were funny as hell.

The show started with a few technical difficulties (the slide projector, and the microphones), but it wasn’t a big deal. The three guys weren’t afraid to make fun of each other. Joe made fun of Smith’s late books, Stan made fun of Smith’s movies…everyone had a good time.

Reggie Hudlin showed up to thank Stan for creating the Black Panther, and Tom DeSanto showed up to thank Stan for everything he had done, too.

More in link. While we were going through our link dump we also came across this from Kevin Smith’s blog where he was flogging the event with an interesting angle:

Gals, do you live in or near L.A.? Are you looking for submissive, easily bossed-around boys to be your love slaves, with the small price being that you’ll have to put up with ‘em screeching “EXCELSIOR!â€? and “SNIKT!!!â€? all the time (not to mention that you’ll probably have to teach ‘em how to eat pussy)? Then you need to get your man-hunting asses over to UCLA this Saturday night at 7pm, for the ultimate Sausage Party. Unsullied cocks will abound at this special, one-time only event!