Or is it a new yaoi hero? U DECIDE.


  1. In other news, Brandweek picked up on this in their Short Takes blog yesterday:

    Trying to sustain interest in the franchise until Spider-Man 3 opens in 2007, Sony Pictures has teamed with PixFusion to help produce a photo-personalized Spider-Man video, “I Am the Amazing Spider-Man.â€? Interested parents can send in a child’s color photo, which is then transformed into a 25-minute video starring the child as the web-slinger himself, utilizing PixFusion’s patented process. While any child-fan will probably be thrilled with the results, we think that sending in an adult friend’s photo might produce some hilarious (Read: embarrassing) results. For a mere $39.95, we just might. (Yes, fellow Brandweek staffers, we’re glancing in YOUR direction). Details are at PixFusion’s Kideo brand website (http://www.kideo.com/)

  2. Say what you will about the man, he could rip your heart out of your cavity and use it in his act while it was still beating.

    Actually, you know who he reminds me of now? The Scotsman in Samurai Jack.

  3. I scrolled down to see his picture and got freaked out! He didn’t look this weird last time I saw him on tv (that was only a few months ago). He looks like a “flamboyant” Joker. So he wouldn’t require a costume or makeup if he were to be a villian in the movie, right?

  4. Look, to say it’s rough being a red-headed dude is an understatement…Basically you have two paths to take…be a comedian or mean as hell…He probably used to have bushy white/blondish eyesbrows like me (freaky i know)…but i’m content with being ugly and skinny rather than a buff dude with chick eyebrows