We missed this interview with Greg Topalian at Newsarama in which he goes over plans to avoid Conmageddon this year. Only advance ticket holders will be allowed into the show on Saturday morning until noon, or whenever it is deemed safe. With all the excitement over the show, it’s probably wise to have a Code Red plan worked out in advance. Topalian also mentions the move to April :

NRAMA: Greg, taking a broader view – last year the New York Comic Con was considered an experiment and a huge industry X-factor. Today we’re talking about the coming show in the terms of a Yankee/Red Sox Game 7 scenario – perhaps rightfully so – and that a sell-out is nearly inevitable. So can the New York Comic Con grow any larger than it already has for this coming show? Can the Javits Center accommodate more sustained growth?

GT: Absolutely…

One thing we just communicated to our exhibitors recently is we’re actually moving to April in 2008. So the building is already responding and allowing us to expand. New York is New York, and the building is a completely sold out venue throughout the year, so it’s only based on what we’re delivering and the kind of response comic fan are showing that are getting the Javits Center to believe this is a show they want to accommodate –that this is an event they want to foster because they think this is good for the city.

I wish I could just say, “Give us twice us much space as we have now and we can accommodate as many fans as could possibly want to come to the show this yearâ€?. But it’s a step-by-step process.

YAY, no blizzard threat! Instead of wandering the streets through the raw bluster of February we’ll face the waffling winds and blooming daffodils of early spring. Nice!

BTW, in response to a couple of enquires, I am NOT working for the show this year in any official way. I will be involved in various ways, however.


  1. We don’t know the exact weekend in April, 2008. If it is two weeks before Pittsburgh, then the effect is neglible. Otakon is always three-four weeks after Anime Expo. The only real affect is that there are fewer industry and less titles announced. Pittsburgh may morph into more of an indy show, if NYCC is in April.