AfterEllen.com profiles an American yuri artist, Megan Gedris and her comic YU+ME. The article doesn’t actually use the term yuri, so instead of being “girl’s love’ maybe it is manga-styled lesbian themed comics:

Lesbian-themed comics may be a bit of a rarity today, but that’s something that comic book artist Megan Gedris is aiming to change, and it looks as if she’s in a fantastic position to do so. Prism Comics, a nonprofit organization which advocates for greater inclusion of LGBT characters and creators in the comic book industry, has revealed exclusively to AfterEllen.com that they have awarded a queer press grant to Gedris.

The 20-year-old artist will be awarded the $1,000 grant to publish YU+ME, her lesbian-themed manga series about the adventures of Fiona, a misfit Catholic schoolgirl.

“YU+ME really wowed Prism’s selection committee,â€? said David Stanley, Prism Comics’ publicist. “For a 20-year-old, Megan is incredibly accomplished, with 1,000 pages of comic art under her belt, a popular website, and a ready-to-publish graphic novel. We were incredibly impressed by the depth of her writing and art, and especially heartened by the fact [that] she aimed this manga-styled work at lesbians, a heretofore neglected audience.â€?

According to the piece, her Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!! in coming out from Platinum, as well.


  1. I saw a short film about the Platinum pitches and saw a few seconds of Gedris pitching “Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space.”

    I wonder how many other pitches in that contest got picked up, besides the winning one.