HALO GN selling like hotcakes

The HALO graphic novel, based on the best-selling videogame, has proven to be a rare hit for the videogame-to-comics genre. The book has debuted at #2 on BOTH the Bookscan and Diamond charts, and the buzz around the watercooler is that there are 80-100K copies in print. Based on the best-selling videogame, the Halo Graphic […]

MILLAR live!

Mark Millar will be the live guest on Fanboy Radio this Sunday. Gee I wonder what he will talk about! “This is Mark’s third appearance on the program and it couldn’t come at a better timeâ€? Scott Hinze, host of the show says. “Civil War is good medicine for the comic industry but it’s also […]

Hernandez on SLOTH

Panels and Pixels has a great interview with the great Gilbert Hernandez on SLOTH his new graphic novel, and many secrets are revealed: Q: Because of that switch a lot of the reviews I’m reading compare it “Mulholland Drive” and I keep seeing David Lynch’s name brought into the review. Is that a comparison you […]


The movie version of Mark Millar and JG Jones’ WANTED hasn’t been much heard of since the Eminem kerfluffle, but it is moving forward and James McAvoy, who played kiddie-fiddler Mr. Tumnus in THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE has been cast as the lead! Timur Bekmambetov directs from a script by 2 FAST […]

Woo questions superheroes

Moving away from lyrical, blood soaked sagas of loyalty and honor, director John Woo is moving into comics a little teeny bit, with his creation of SEVEN BROTHERS to be written by Garth Ennis and published by Virgin Comics. But it seems the helmer has been pondering the nature of our heroes, as a recent […]

Ellis triumphs

Just to back up what we were trying to tell you the other day, a lot of high profile comics may not have shipped on Wednesday, but there were still a few things to read and buy as Warren Ellis pointed out in one of his Bad Signal mailings: In the early hours of the […]


We don’t normally run a lot of sell-out PR, but this one is notable in that it’s a book from Image. 16,000 isn’t a civil war type number, but it’s quite healthy for a book in the Indie range and it’s nice to see a quality project like this find an audience. Active Images announces […]

Maine Mystery Beast update

As you may have heard, a terrifying mystery beast was recently found slain in a deserted copse off a lonely road up in rustic Maine. Not far from Stephen King’s house in fact! We like the way practical Mainers handle finding a terrifying mystery beast: they were smart enough to take pictures of the body […]