200608181248Panels and Pixels has a great interview with the great Gilbert Hernandez on SLOTH his new graphic novel, and many secrets are revealed:

Q: Because of that switch a lot of the reviews I’m reading compare it “Mulholland Drive” and I keep seeing David Lynch’s name brought into the review. Is that a comparison you like or does it annoy you at all?

A: No, I totally cop to that. Even as I was doing it I go, “This is a very Lynchian twist.” To myself you know. Because I understand the powers that be over at DC really hate David Lynch. So I kept that to myself.

But I was thinking of that. Then I was thinking “What if there was a Mulholland Drive that readers could understand?” I enjoyed “Mulholland Drive” but I understand the problems with people not liking it just because it’s so obscured by clouds. I enjoyed it but, you know, throw us a bone here once in awhile.

For the record, we LOVED MULHOLLAND DRIVE.


  1. I would have loved MULHOLLAND DRIVE less if it had been explained. Clouds can be quite wonderful when viewed through our own imagination.