Mark Millar will be the live guest on Fanboy Radio this Sunday. Gee I wonder what he will talk about!

“This is Mark’s third appearance on the program and it couldn’t come at a better timeâ€? Scott Hinze, host of the show says. “Civil War is good medicine for the comic industry but it’s also generating a lot of heated opinions. I will do everything in my (very limited) power to present the radio and podcast audience a good time with the hottest writer in comics today while trying to cover all sides of the different conflicts.â€? Show host, Oliver Tull adds, “What a great chance to talk with one of my favorite writers, catch up on his work and practice my Scottish accent!“

Tune in for Fanboy Radio #326 this Sunday for Fanboy Radio with Mark Millar at 6pm Central (7pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific) and give the show a call at (817) 257-7631 – and everyone who makes it on the air will receive a Free FUNimation DVD!

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