The HALO graphic novel, based on the best-selling videogame, has proven to be a rare hit for the videogame-to-comics genre. The book has debuted at #2 on BOTH the Bookscan and Diamond charts, and the buzz around the watercooler is that there are 80-100K copies in print.

Based on the best-selling videogame, the Halo Graphic Novel reached #2 on the BookScan list of graphic novels sold in bookstores, the highest position of a non-manga, non-movie tie-in graphic novel in years. It also debuted at an impressive #33 on

In fact, the Halo Graphic Novel has sold so incredibly that a second print will be available within weeks.

The reviews have been pouring in from numerous media outlets praising the video-game’s expansion into the world of graphic fiction.

Andrew Smith of Scripps News Service says, “It’s an excellent graphic novel for comics fans…it’s also undoubtedly a must-buy for anyone who loves the game because it fills in so many blanks.â€?

Hilary Goldstein of says, “Considering the large audience who has played these games, this is a book that belongs in a few million homes. Master Chief’s first journey into comics is a brilliant success.â€?

Wayne Oliveri of says, “Marvel knows how to make comics, and this hardcover has the highest production values. It’s a colorful, well-designed book.â€?

Wook Kim of Entertainment Weekly says, “All in all, this is an impressive effort, given a handsome and solemn presentation.â€?


  1. Checked it out last night and liked it.
    But what’s happened to Simon Bisley? Remember “Slaine”, “Batman/Dredd”, “Doom Patrol”…that stuff was fantastic.
    The last ten or so? Not so fantastic.
    Maybe it’s Danzing’s fault…