Moving away from lyrical, blood soaked sagas of loyalty and honor, director John Woo is moving into comics a little teeny bit, with his creation of SEVEN BROTHERS to be written by Garth Ennis and published by Virgin Comics. But it seems the helmer has been pondering the nature of our heroes, as a recent query on Yahoo! answers shows

Our fascination with comic superheroes is time-tested. Why do we continue to relate to them?

Woo existential question received 2506 answers, but the one he chose
covered many aspects of our fascination with the long underwear set:

I think it is partly because we are looking for beings that are good and more powerful than we are to protect us from the big bad guys whom we can’t fight on our own. Human beings have always liked myths and pantheons of gods and tales of heros. Think of the stories of the Arabian Nights, and the tales of miracles and prophets and things.

Of course, Woo may not have been actually pondering his next project, but merely wondering why so many people get upset when Civil War #4 doesn’t ship on time.