200608181226-2Just to back up what we were trying to tell you the other day, a lot of high profile comics may not have shipped on Wednesday, but there were still a few things to read and buy as Warren Ellis pointed out in one of his Bad Signal mailings:

In the early hours of the morning, Gillen confirmed something that’d occurred to me previously in the day.

Vagiaries of shipping and ordering aside, it’s conceivable that you could walk into a comics store today and for ten American dollars walk out with FELL 6 by me, CASANOVA 3 by Fraction, WASTELAND 2 by Antony Johnston and PHONOGRAM 1 by Gillen.

All a certain kind of comic: intelligent pop, if you like. And all four of us shooting the shit about this kind of comic on the old Warren Ellis Forum a few years ago.

It’s kind of interesting to me, and pleasing, that we were all published on the same day this month.

Gillen had an email from someone, saying that it’s like the WEF won after all. Not a bad thought to end the week on