Browser Issues

We know we are having some problems with images butting into the sidebar, and other loading problems here. If the Beat is loking wacky for you, please post in the comments with your OS, your browser and what problems you’re seeing. We have technicians standing by* to get things runnings smoothly. ALso, if you can […]

It’s quiet out there…too quiet

The news has slowed to a dull crawl out there. Everyone is in full on pre-convention mode, saving all the big announcements for San Diego. As a reminder, we’ll be starting all our who’s where coverage tomorrow, and there’s still time to get your information in. In fact, juding by the paltry number of SD […]

Machiko Hasegawa, grandmother of manga

While we were researching Tagawa, we came across another early Japanese cartoonist we were unaware of, Machiko Hasegawa (1920-1992), who was one of Tagawa’s apprentices, one of the first female manga artists, and one of the most influential. Hasegawa created a strip called Sazae-san in 1946, about the domestic adventures of an extended Japanese family […]

Suiho Tagawa, grandfather of manga

Buenaventura Press sent out a huge, 58-page preview of KRAMERS ERGOT #6 the other day, and the new edition of this groundbreaking anthology looks just as mind boggling as the previous editions. We had cause to call up Alvin Buenaventura on another matter, and asked him about some pages which, frankly, reminded us of Henry […]

Eternal mysteries: Kim Thompson’s shortie shorts

We haven’t been linking as much as we should to the mini-site for WE TOLD YOU SO, the upcoming history of Fantagraphics. FLOG has been teasing us with images from the past that capture the great wellsprings of today’s indie comics scene. But some images speak of great wonders and mysteries, some perhaps never to […]

More on Hollywood malaise

Our dismay at PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST drew a mixed response in the comments section, but we’re not the only ones feeling the dismay. Anne Thompson, one of our most favoritest writers about the movie business, had a similar reaction to the budgetary excesses of this summer’s film crop over at her […]


Our item on the proposed SPEED RACER film by the Wachowski Bros. (think the highway chase from MATRIX RELAODED for 150 minutes) drew a response from Art Asylum pointing to their SPEED RACER LIVES site. It seems they’ll be releasing a new toy line based on the classic characters, along with DVDs of new animated […]

Personnel changes

There’s a new face on the PW Comics Week team, we’re happy to announce: Cheryl Lynn, aka DigitalFemme, has joined us as an intern and general Gal Friday for the summer (at least), and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Cheryl has been a correspondent of ours since wayyyy back in our AOL message folder days, […]