We haven’t been linking as much as we should to the mini-site for WE TOLD YOU SO, the upcoming history of Fantagraphics. FLOG has been teasing us with images from the past that capture the great wellsprings of today’s indie comics scene. But some images speak of great wonders and mysteries, some perhaps never to be understood. Such is this picture:
in which we see, captured in its primal state, Kim Thompson in his ubiquitous shortie shorts.

Those of us who lived through those tumultuous times well remember those shorts. Award ceremony, dinner party, kickin’ back at Fantagraphics Mansion — Kim wore those shorts so much that one began to suspect they might have been the source of his powers. Why? What was their almost totemistic allure for Thompson? Was he a big fan of the ABA? Was he afraid he might have to run the 800 at a moments notice? Did he just like to air out the boys? According to Eric, the book doesn’t confront this issue, so the speculation will continue.

Gary is also wearing shorts in this photo — maybe it was a hot day — but in general it is believed that during that era he favored longer pants.


  1. A clue to Kim’s shorts– check out any NBA game from the late 70s – early 80s. Do you believe Magic and Larry and Kareem were wearing them scandalous TINY SHORTS?
    As a dude of a certain age, I remember heading to the swimmin’ hole in the ubiquitous cut off jeans that were a good 8″ above the knee. Well, in the 70s, the shorts themselves rarely made it into the swimmin’ hole with me, but that’s another tale…
    I must conclude KIM WAS NOT ALONE in his fancy for shorty shorts! Clearly, he is a natural born hippy bent on showin’ his gams.

  2. Red, the funny thing is Kim’s attachment to those shorts went on long after Magic graduated to long pants.

  3. I’m reminded of the commercial for Cablevision around here where the woman says to her similarly attired boyfriend, “WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?”

    I can’t wait for this book. I’m a Comics Journal junkie (I’m always tempted to ask Heidi how old she was when she started writing for them, but that’d be rather rude!), and have nearly a full collection of the magazine.