Our item on the proposed SPEED RACER film by the Wachowski Bros. (think the highway chase from MATRIX RELAODED for 150 minutes) drew a response from Art Asylum pointing to their SPEED RACER LIVES site. It seems they’ll be releasing a new toy line based on the classic characters, along with DVDs of new animated shorts with a new look. There will even be a life-sized Mach Five at San Diego, and we can’t wait to get our picture taken with THAT.

They also sent along some pics of the toys (based on the classic show) and a peek at the new, 21st Century Speed. Click for larger images.

Still Art Speed


  1. I can’t see this as being something that will succeed. They already tried to relaunch Speed Racer once and it failed. With this, the people that grew up with Speed Racer are not in their 60s and 70s yet! We don’t want to see Speed Racer as being that either. The kids of today is a hard market to hit, so it requires the extra adult market to give it the extra push. I doubt that’ll happen here.

    Now I do want to see the stuff Art Asylum is putting out. I may pick up a few items out of the line. The designs of the cars look pretty good. It’s the crappy character design of this new “anime” that sucks. Plus how did Chim-Chim grow up to be a gorilla?

  2. “It’s the crappy character design of this new “animeâ€? that sucks.”

    Probably best that you miss out on the new Hellboy cartoon then.

    Personally I love me some Cheeks designs.

  3. “Probably best that you miss out on the new Hellboy cartoon then.”

    There are times that style of animation adds to the over all presentation of the product. The design work for Hellboy does do that. It’s just in this instance it doesn’t work. It’s like getting Humberto Ramos to redo the Mona Lisa.

    For referance to who Humberto Ramos is – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humberto_Ramos

  4. Wait. So, in your mind, Joe, Speed Racer–a cartoon about a kid who drives a snazzy car and pals around with a monkey–is on par with the Mona Lisa, one of the most renowned paintings of all time?

    That is some high praise, indeed.

  5. Man, talk about people needing to get out of the house a bit. You both are reading too much into what I meant. It was a rough analogy. No I’m not SAYING that Speed Racer is so great that it’s on par with the Mona Lisa. I’m saying Humberto Ramos is a horrible artist and couldn’t paint, well anything. It doesn’t even have to be the Mona Lisa if it makes a person happy to think of something else. Now as for Speed Racer, I’m saying that that the art is horrible for this new series. Just that, it’s horrible. The original style, while it was stylistic it’s self, did fit better. Hey if both of you like what the show will be, join the small group that I feel will be watching. A few watched the relaunch a couple of years back of Speed Racer, but it didn’t keep it on the air.

    So at what point did people on the net get so literal in what people say? When is it that people stopped being able to understand anything unless a person says “that suxxors”? Does it always require incomplete sentences and LEET speak to get a point across?

  6. Wow. Its a shame that Joe Harris had to explain things that he clearly stated initially. What is this wierd net phenom that causes people to make these odd leaps in logic and seeming forced misinterpretation of someone elses comments? -some snarky need to be ‘clever’? Thats sooo frustrating.
    I like Humberto Ramos’ art, but not so much on pre-existing characters where i’m used to seeing them ‘on model’ though.His distinct style is not for everyone, whith his manga/graphitti influence. I’ve met him and he seems to be a very nice guy (which should account for something).
    Saw the Mach Five in San Diego and it was so cool! I strongly dis-like the new designs of Speed and crew,however. Hideous. I’ll certainly steer clear of that stuff.

  7. wow. yeah.. so excuse me.. but.. ah… none of those three people look like speed racer… in any way shape or form.. wait wait dont tell me.. speed grew up and has grey hair. stop. erase. go back to the drawing board in fact STOP NOW.

    The style looks more fitting for an Esurance commercial.

    PLEASE Dont do this to one of the most legendary chartoons ever.

  8. Hi, i´ll be @ San Diego area, 3rd week of february, and i would like to know where is located the Mach Five in San Diego