The news has slowed to a dull crawl out there. Everyone is in full on pre-convention mode, saving all the big announcements for San Diego. As a reminder, we’ll be starting all our who’s where coverage tomorrow, and there’s still time to get your information in. In fact, juding by the paltry number of SD schedules we’ve gotten, you are all still nailing them down yourselves.
Speaking of San Diego, while some of the big media panels — and doubtless some of the superstar talents — are still being announced at the last minute, this year is a teeny, tiny bit less celebrity heavy than years past. That could still change, but it isn’t the almost numbing parade of Oscar nominees (and winners) we’ve seen for the last two years.

What this year’s CCI: SD does represent is more of a television/new media explosion. While, contrary to what the first impression might be, there are usually 3 or 4 comics panels going on at once, a not-so-small army of TV producers, animation directors, multi-media engineers will be flooding every zone of the show, meaning that if you want to set up your meeting, now’s your chance. Actually your chance was probably two months ago, as everyone’s schedule is already completely jammed up.

The movie stars are the frosting on the cake, but it’s the middle-level management of the entertainment biz — where most comics folk firmly stand, whether they know it or not — where San Diego lives these days.


  1. JMS on Thor… Classic Marvel Figurine Collections making an unprecedented jump to the US… Alan Moore designed t-shirts… TokyoPop plagiarism allegations… John Byrne vs Brian Hibbs… seems enough going on… 8-)