This week’s edition of PW Comics World contains news of a newish publishing company: Z2 Comics, formerly Zip Comics, which put out the Eisner-nominated Cleveland by Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant last year. It’s headed up by Josh Frankel and the first two projects will be a new edition of Paul Pope’s long out of print Escapo comic, and a collection of Dean Haspiel’s webcomics, Fear My Dear: A Billy Dogma Book.

Frankel told PW he wanted “a new start” and decided to rename and rebrand the company. “Our focus will be eclectic,” Frankel said, “We want to publish books that make money but also publish genre works that feature fine storytelling and great hardcover production.” Frankel said that he’s a fan of books by publishers like Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Image, and Drawn & Quarterly, “and while I like some superheroes, I like indie-focused books and those publishers are my inspiration.”

Log-rolling alert: Josh is a good Beat pal and occasional traveling companion. He’s a savvy young man, and from what we hear, he has some big and innovative plans on the horizon.



  1. Agreed. It’s definitely one of my favorite Pope works. Choosing to reprint it puts Z2 in the “publisher to watch” column for me.

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