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Z2 Comics is on a roll, having announced a new line of graphics novels, a line of periodical comics and now a productions company, Modern Prometheus, which got inked in THR.

The venture, which is headed by Z2’s Josh Frankel and filmmaker Sridhar Reddy has two projects in the works thus far, an animated pilot for WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE, based on Ian McGinty’s Z2 periodical comic of the same name. The cast includes punk legend Henry Rollins. The tale, which concerns, Kit, a young lad who is trying to have a normal childhood while tasked with taking over the family business of world domination, will debut in comics form in October and later in the year in animated form.

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The other project is a live action adaptation of Paul Pope’s ONE TRICK RIP-OFF, the young lovers on the run tale of Tubby and Vim. Reddy is writing the screenplay and Pope is is Executive Producer.

MP will have a first look option for all the material published by Z2 Comics.

“Today’s announcement has been in the works for almost a year,” said Josh Frankel. “It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work but just the start of what we plan to do.”

“As a producer and independent filmmaker, my focus is on the creative process to ensure that the vision of the writers and artists translate to other platforms–from the first draft to the physical production of the final media product,” said Sridhar Reddy. “We’re incredibly blessed to launch Modern Prometheus by collaborating with two amazing creative voices, Paul Pope and Ian McGinty.”

“Z2 Comics is committed to publishing the very best writers and artists in the comic book industry,” said Frankel. “Modern Prometheus will work in tandem with those creators so that their singular visions are celebrated in the translation of their comics. When creators are actively involved in the media adaptation, the fidelity to the source material – and everything that makes it exciting and vibrant as a comic book – ends up on the screen.”

For his part, McGinty expressed his enthusiasm to THR:
“It’s unbelievable to see something I’ve worked very hard on creating not only exist on paper, with Z2 Comics, but now exist right in front of my eyes in the form of an animated pilot,” McGinty told THR. (The Showside comic will launch from Z2 Comics in October.) “The skill of the animation team and the level of talent in the voice actors, especially Henry Rollins, has been absolutely mind-boggling and an experience unlike anything else I’ve ever done before. To say I’m excited aboutWelcome to Showside is an understatement, I can’t wait for everyone to see this world and the characters living in it!”



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