Mad Max: Fury Road is right around the corner and based on the below trailer (that Heidi so kindly posted about previously), it looks like George Miller may very well prove that you can actually go home again:

But if that doesn’t convince you, here are three more reasons why you should plunk down money for a ticket to see this fourth film featuring everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic road warrior:

1.) It’s co-written by Brendan McCarthy

Yep, that Brendan McCarthy, the artist and co-creator of comics like Zaucer of Zilk, Rogan Gosh, and Skin. Given that he and Peter Milligan‘s wonderful comic Freakwave was inspired by Miller’s Mad Max 2, it’s fitting that the two creators would eventually collaborate in this way. Additionally, McCarthy designed a number of the characters and vehicles that will feature in the new film.

2.) The first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will premiere before it

Though you’ll probably see it here first, given how trailers pop up online before they make it to the big screen, it’s been confirmed that our first REAL look at what Zack Snyder and co. have been up to in a project that’s been rather shrouded in secrecy, beyond the official cast photos we’ve seen. Additionally, Junkie XL (who scored Mad Max: Fury Road) and Hans Zimmer have written new music for the trailer, as a bit of a preview for their scoring collaboration in the Man of Steel sequel.

3.) Tom Hardy is already signed up for three sequels

In a recent interview with Esquire, the new Mad Max, Tom Hardy, stated that he’s already contracted for three more films in the series provided it does well enough at the box office to warrant further desert adventures. Apparently, Miller already had plans in place to shoot the sequel to Fury Road, entitled Mad Max: Furiosa back to back with the about to be released film. That didn’t end up happening, but a screenplay is already in place. Who wouldn’t want more George Miller madness gracing our cinemas every few years?

Mad Max: Fury Road opens on May 15th and much like Snowpiercer and Dredd before it, it may very well be the action movie that we’re all still talking about months from now.


  1. This film looks insane.

    Anything Brendan McCarthy on the big screen is going to be a visual mindfeck.

  2. No need for these three reasons; of course I will see Fury Road. I enjoyed the original films, especially Road Warrior, yet the visual overload of craziness in this new film (at least the trailers) make the previous films look dull by comparison. No small feat, considering how awesome the originals are.
    What will always linger in my mind is why no one thought of directing a remake of the original Mad Max that could precede Fury Road. I would have loved to see a bigger and broader story of the breakdown of society and the last MFP days of Max in the pre-wasteland era. Also a 21st century version of the black interceptor would’ve been mind blowing, if done right, of course.

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