2013 is a busy year for comic book movies — we’ve already had Bullet to the Head and coming up there’s Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Man of Steel, Two Guns, Kick-Ass 2, R.I.P.D. and many more on their way.

As is The Wolverine, a new take on you know who. We haven’t had much to say about it, but here’s a new poster where Hugh Jackman gives new meaning to “rip”. A trailer will be along any second now as well. In addition to Jackman, the cast includes Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee. James Mangold directs.


  1. I have a thread going on my facebook page about it. There are 15 total movies based on comic book or comic book related movies this year compared to I think around 10 or 11 from last year. And I’m counting Star Trek Into Darkness and GI JOE Retribution amongst the ranks.

    Working at Universal, we have three opening within weeks of each other, R.I.P.D., Kick Ass 2, and 2 Guns.

    And we’re still shooting (pardon the pun) The Sixth Gun pilot as of this week.





  2. In terms of back-in-the-day crowded movie summers, what comes to mind was Summer of ’89: first Batman movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Ghostbusters II, Lethal Weapon II, Star Trek V…

    …but that’s nothin’ compared to what we’re used to now!

    VF / NM

  3. The level of technical competence in that poster is so low I cannot believe it is the real thing.

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