Is there any question that Prince is the only living human who could go on stage during halftime at the Super Bowl wearing an AUNT JEMIMA HEAD SCARF — possibly because it was raining and he didn’t want to ruin his hair — and still be cool as hell?

Plus he was wearing a turquoise suit with an orange shirt…IN THE RAIN. Dude is hardcore.

We were more alarmed by the appearance of Katie Couric, who had a very, very unfortunate hairdo, and in a bumper for the CBS Evening news, she — honest to god we aren’t making this up!–praised “America’s can-do spirit.”

Can-do spirit!

Best Super Bowl ad for our kind:
Evil Mapasaurus


  1. Since Prince, like myself, is a mid-1970s graduate of a Minneapolis high school, how could it help but be cool?

    He’s right around 50, people! Wish I looked that good, though…..

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