Once in a while, before we turn in, we like to see what people are clicking on — particularly people in places like Turkey and Pakistan. It turns out this post gets a ton of traffic from Google. In fact, if you Google “Disney s*x” in Sweden, we’re the #4 result. Disney s*x would seem to be a pretty timeless topic, especially in Mouse-loving northern Europe, where classic Disney comics starring Mickey and Donald have an avid following among adult readers. We guess at some point their needs…change, however.

“Disney s*x” is by far our #1 search term. We could probably boost our hits even more if we typed out the phrase “Disney s*x” but we’re really more selective about our audience that that.

Google results are nutty, though. We made an allusion to Langston Hughes the other day, and now we’re we’re in the top 10 results for “a dream deferred”. That’s wacky! Aren’t there more than, like, 10 literate people on the internet?

The problem with the Wiki-net is that it tends to elevate topics of nerd interest like Ultraman and photos of Paris Hilton. Old school book learning like Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance become less and less known and go further and further down the search results. Meanwhile, Disney s*x is keeping them awake at night in Sweden. A dream deferred, indeed!


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