Gene Luen Yang (Boxers/Saints) and Mike Holmes of Bravest Warriors are teaming for a new graphic novel aimed at middle schoolers called Secret Coders that will focus on another one of Yang’s interests: computer coding. When he’s not producing award-winning graphic novels, Yang teaches high school computer programming, so call this a no brainer. Wired has the news:

“There’s a pure, visceral sense of joy [in coding] that I want to communicate with my students and my readers,” says Yang. “When I learned how to code in fifth grade there was something very empowering about it. What I tell my students is that deep down inside of every coder is this desire for control. You get to tell this really powerful machine what to do.”

Yang thinks that the opportunity to learn computer programming is something that far too many kids miss out on. Although computers have become an omnipresent part of daily life that touches almost every industry, fewer than 10 percent of K-12 schools teach computer science, a lucrative field where tech leaders already worry that American students will not be able to meet demand.

Yep, right on target. The book will be out next September. Wired has a previews and here are a few pages.

SecretCoders-Wired_p1 (1) SecretCoders-Wired_p2 SecretCoders-Wired_p3


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