We here at The Beat have long been a fan of Tim Beyer’s analysis of comics and comics-based entertainment trends at The Motley Fool and he’s just launched his own site to expand on that called The Full Bleed:

Why have a blog covering the business when I’m already writing about comics and pop culture elsewhere? Simple. There are times when I want to offer more than an analyst’s perspective. Sometimes, I just want to be a fan. The Full Bleed lets me do that.

Here, I’ll be going between the panels to offer insights on news and rumors about TV shows, films, and most of all, comics. (I’ve been reading and collecting comics since the late ’70s.)

Given Beyer’s data-driven take on the business of pop culture this should be bookmarked! (Disclosure, he calls out this site as well, so consider this full on logrolling. BUt if you like The Beat you’ll probably like The Full Bleed.)


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