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More comings and goings in comics land, as indie publisher A Wave Blue World has just announced they are adding Lisa Y. Wu as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Joe Illidge as Editorial Director.
A Wave Blue World is run by Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner and has published such books as the anthology All We Ever Wanted and Kismet: Man of Fate.
“Joe and Lisa have proven themselves as leaders in their respective fields, and they’ve done it all with a genuine love of comics,” said Tyler Chin-Tanner, President/Co-Publisher in a statement. “We’re lucky to have them work for AWBW as we make the next step forward.”
AWBW Wu and Illidge Hires
“A Wave Blue World addresses the needs of an evolving market with engaging and resonant stories,” Lisa added. “I have enormous respect for the team and look forward to bringing more awareness to a publisher that fits my core values in being a retailer and fan advocate.”
Wu formerly worked at Aftershock as Director of Retailer Relations and was previously Social Media/Promotions for Saga Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Dave & Busters.
Illidge is an industry veteran who has worked at DC, Valiant and Lion Forge, among others. “We’re in a renaissance of entertainment! I’m excited to work as a member of A Wave Blue World’s team to continue the company’s mission, of providing a home where writers and artists create personal and imaginative books that collectively serve as the roadmap for a better world,” he said in a statement.
Here’s a look at the AWBW team.
[Group Picture From Left To Right: Eryk Donovan, Robert Ryan, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Katie Proctor, Wendy Chin-Chin Tanner, Justin Zimmerman, Robbi Rodriguez]


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