Next week Archie Comics releases World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #112. The classic-style digest includes a brand-new Jughead story by Bill GolliherJim AmashGlenn Whitmore, and Jack Morelli, plus a collection of other classic tales featuring the Riverdale regulars. Today The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the new story from the digest, as well as look at a complete classic story included in the book.

Here’s how Archie Comics describes the new entry in World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #112:

NEW CLASSIC-STYLE STORY: “Jughead’s Greatest Nemesis!” Riverdale High is back in session and that means all the students have returned… including some surprises! When Trula Twyst, Jughead’s ultimate nemesis, returns from Europe, Betty and Veronica are determined to keep her out of Jughead’s path!

Trula Twyst made her first appearance in 1997’s Archie’s Pal, Jughead #89. In a story by Craig BoldmanRex LindsayBarry Goldman, and Bill Yoshida, Trula selects Jughead as the subject of an experiment to turn him into a ladies man. Outside of her initial three-part storyline, the character has appeared sporadically through the years, and even made the jump to television on The CW’s Katy Keene, where she was played by Emily Rafala.

Check out the preview of the new story, as well as the full five-page reprint story in which Chuck Clayton and Nancy Woods try to balance meeting their deadlines with having fun, below. World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #112 arrives in stores next Wednesday, August 25th.