Kickstarter has become a source for many off-the-beaten path comics projects. To date Kickstarter has had 8,941 comics projects successfully funded, and while we do our best to spotlight projects that are of interest here, there’s still a lot out there and it can be hard even for your crack Beat team to call out everything that’s worth your time. Now the crowdfunding platform is trying to make it a little easier by putting together an anthology of the best of the bunch from those successful projects, and true to form, Kickstarter is crowdsourcing the nominees for which comics will make the cut.

Kickstarter announced the project and the open vote on Monday, with KS Comic Outreach Lead Camilla Zhang adding that voting via Twitter will be open until Friday, January 31st, at midnight Pacific:

All one has to do to nominate a title is submit the name of the comic and its creator via Twitter. Per Newsarama, once all the nominations have been submitted, the nominees will be considered by “a small but diverse group of comic fans within Kickstarter,” who will cull the list down to a group of finalists, and work with creators on obtaining permission to reprint their stories. In an interview on the project with ICv2, Zhang said that the book will “probably accomodate 15 stories max”. She also clarified that, rather than crowdfunding the creation of the book, Kickstarter will be giving the anthology away for free, though details on when and where people can get their hands on it are forthcoming.

An anthology of the best Kickstarted comics is both a great way for people to sample books they might not have otherwise looked at, and a smart marketing tool for Kickstarter to show to potential project creators as an example of the types and quality of the projects the platform has helped bring to life. If there’s a project you’ve backed and that you think belongs in this ‘best of’ Kickstarter anthology, head over to Twitter and nominate it before Friday, January 31st, at Midnight PST.