• November 22-24th I’ll be in Miami for the Miami Book Fair, a fabled event which I am thrilled to witness with my own eyes. I’ll take part in a panel on Saturday at 4:30 called “Graphic Novels in Libraries, from Banned to Blowing Up” with Karen Green, Rich Johnson, Robin Brenner and George O’Connor. You can see all the comics programming here. The MBF is one of the biggest events in all Miami, one of the biggest book festivals in the US, and I’ve never been before so I’m eager to experience the hoopla firsthand. Also, never been to Miami, so…mojitos here I come. I’ll be kind of in and out at this, as by then I can only imagine my interest in travel will be at a low ebb. Except after that I’m going to Maine for T-Day. Will the cats even remember me by then?


  1. You will love the Miami Book Fair experience! The way they manage getting the talent to the hotel, the venue, the panel rooms, then back to the green room-which is actually the campus library-it will spoil you. That’s a great panel line up too! One of my favorite Miami Book Fair moments happened in the green room. The comics guys: Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda, Charlie Kochman, Brad Meltzer and like 15 others are all around this table that keeps growing. Meanwhile, the traditional prose authors are standing off to the side, and you could tell they just wanted to be a part of the comics crowd. Across the room were Salman Rushdie, Sherman Alexie and a bunch of other amazing authors.
    Mitchell Kaplan (Books and Books) Lissette Mendez and the rest of the Miami Book Fest folks have really created something amazing.

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