Miyazaki manga 1As we recently reported, legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki has retired from filmmaking, but he’s rumored to be returning to cartooning, working on a period “Samurai manga,” according to associates. Well, it sounded a bit like a pipedream, but a Japanese TV show has allowed a few peeks at Miyazaki-sensei slaving away at a drawing board, so he’s definitely drawing SOMETHING.

On Monday, NHK’s Professional Shigoto no Ryūgi (Professional Work Style) program showed the samurai manga that Studio Ghibli anime director Hayao Miyazaki is drawing after he announced his retirement from feature films. The program’s latest episode dealt with the studio co-founder’s September retirement announcement and showed him drawing the manga two months later. Miyazaki said that he wants to draw sengoku (Japan’s Warring States Period) stories and other stories that cannot be cubbyholed.

According to reports, the manga will be serialized in print, as it’s finished. And if there is a just comics god, the English version will be available legally soon after.

Miyazaki manga 3

Miyazaki manga 2


  1. Beautiful work. Be cool to see video of him just drawing and painting a page.

    And Japanese publishers and their American license holders need to work together to get english translations out digitally within a day or two of the Japanese release. They’re never going to stand a chance against the pirates releasing, say, Attack on Titan volumes six months to a year after they come out in Japan.

    Unpaid scanlation guys can do professional photoshop edits and get them up within a day. Surely a company with multiple paid staff members could at least do the same.

  2. Interesting…seems the manga section of Crunchyroll is fairly new. Nice to see someone finally listened to the people.

  3. This is incredible, he is an incredible artist, completely stunning. If one day I could e a 10th of an artist like he is I would be happy! I just started drawing digital manga for a hobby, and I kinda got lost in it, I am not doing anything special, basic manga characters that I learn from tutorials like this http://www.painterartist.com/en/pages/draw-manga/ but I wish to learn more, so if everyone of you has any suggestions or great tutorials or link, it would help a lot! Thanks! :)

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