It’s the weekend and you might be looking for some reading material, so let’s have a look at a couple more of the current digital comic sales and at what’s good.

First up, here’s the “Marvel Villains Sale” at Amazon and at Comixology, which is to say villain-centric comics.  What’s good?  Kraven’s Last Hunt was one of the best Spider-Man arcs of the late 80s.  Daredevil: Born Again might just be Miller’s best horn head story (and Mazzucchelli’s art is wonderful).  If you prefer a 70s flavor of Marvel, Super Villains Unite: The Complete Super-Villain Team-Up is a lot more fun than you might expect.  It’s effectively Namor vs. Doctor Doom for the bulk of the volume, then turns into an Avengers arc before the Red Skull and Hate Monger enter the fray. (Note: this volume overlaps with the smaller Private War of Doctor Doom that’s also on sale.)  Plenty of things to browse.

Also on sale is Robert Kirkman and (mostly) Ryan Ottley’s superhero epic, Invincible.  There are 25 volumes to the core series.  What to read?  That’s really simple: start with volume 1.  I think I first read Invincible in the “Ultimate Editions,” which collected 2 tpbs and I do think this is a series that benefits from reading in big chunks.  Here’s the Amazon page for the main series and here’s the Comixology sale page.