After killing the likes of Carl Weathers, Gary Busey, and Larry Fishburne over the course of the franchise’s film history, Predator will get a new comic book mini-series while also reprinting stories from the vault.

Dark Horse Comics has announced a sequel to its 2017 series with Predator: Hunters II.  According to the publisher’s press release the story will involve multiple factions looking to capture the intergalactic game hunters on Earth.

Since the beginning of time, Predators have come to Earth from their home among the stars to stalk and kill the strongest of humans for sport. But now the tables have turned, and a group of human hunters has set their sights on the Predators. But they soon find out they are competing with a mysterious government agency that is after the same prey. The hunt is on, and only the strongest and smartest will survive!  

Predator: Hunters II will be written by  Chris Warner (the artist from the original Predator comics from 1989)who teams up with artist Agustin Padilla when the book debuts August 8, 2018.

Dark Horse has also announced a collected edition of tales from its 30 year run with the Predator. Before the 1990’s film Predator 2, Dark Horse released a full-color comics sequel to one of the greatest action films of all time written by Mark Verheiden and illustrated by comics mainstays Chris Warner and Ron Randall. It was the beginning of an ongoing line of many Predator tales. Collecting Predator: Concrete Jungle, Predator: Cold War, and Predator: Dark River, Predator: The Essential Comics Volume 1 TPB will give readers an eclectic variety of comics stories from the iconic franchise.

Predator: the Essential Comics Vol 1 is in stores December 12, 2018.


  1. I’ll have to think about this as a purchase, but it’s great that Darkhorse is putting out all these decent sized omnibuses of their licensed books. Getting Hellboy and Conan in this format, and thinking about Aliens and Predator (I like Verheiden in comics and tv both).

    It’s slightly disconcerting to see Marvel make so much cash from Darkhorse’s Star Wars backlist, in the form of their Marvel Epic Collections. Mind you, it’s the first time I’ve looked at the material because I perceive it as ordered and more penetrable. Still, I’d rather give my money to the small publisher, and so I’m buying the DH omnibi of Conan before Marvel get their hands on it. This has been on mind. Nice format, these omnibuses; makes it easier to want to buy

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