Pocitical cartoonist Matt Bors is sooooo good, and his strip on the generation gap between boomers and millennials is the best thing I have read about it, and it helped me accept the fact that I am growing older and the universe is headed for heat death but not before people fuck things up way more than we can possibly imagine but we still have rice pudding so it’s okay.


Anyway, go read the strip. Tom Spurgeon says it was so great that it got Bors more work with CNN. Go Matt, you baller you.


  1. The thing is previous generations have only had to deal with the slow, glacial pace of the previous generations to them ragging on them. So Gen X really only had to deal with the Boomers whining at the pace of old meda

    Millenials have to deal with the post Gawker/Huffpo landscape, with every single paid by the article jackass with an MFA, which you’d kind of assume would be the millenials until you look at Jezebel or Slate or something and realise these people are well into their thirties, churning out a click baity thinkpiece daily, one of which will inevitably be one desperately trying to stave off their own cultural irrelevance by claiming ‘I’m not out of touch, It’s the children who are wrong!’

  2. Ugh, typical millennial. Sees just a tiny amount of criticism about his generation and he gets all defensive to protect his fragile, gold-star-requiring ego. ;p

  3. the older generation ragging on the younger generation is nothing new, it’s been going on since youth was being corrupted by elvis and mamie van doren movies. it always strikes me as funny how every generation can be accused of being the “me” generation by the previous generation that was accused of being the same thing by the generation before them. it just goes to show you, the more things change , the more they stay the same. it will be interesting to see if this current generation does the same thing to the next one, or if they will break the cycle and accept growing older and give the next generation, (1) some slack that they are trying to find their place in the world, and (2) help them along with the wisdom of their years. to be honest i think that’s been going on to some degree for the last couple of generations anyway.

  4. Boomers have done everything in their power (and ignorance) to destroy Western civilization, from free trade and immigration policies that have devastated the lower and middle classes to spending the government’s past, current, and future money all on their own comfort and profit.

  5. It’s the manga! Kids are reading the uncensored manga! Backwards!

    Myself… I’m kinda on the shifting sands. My older siblings are baby boomers, but I’m sort of Generation X. My parents aren’t “Greatest Generation”…one served stateside during the Korean War, one grew up in the “great economic miracle” of German reconstruction. But Gen-X wasn’t defined until the middle-1990s (my mid-20s), and I didn’t really follow any of that stuff. (Grunge just made me angry, so I switched over to classic rock at work.) I don’t even know where I was when Kurt Cobain died.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to sync the lawn sprinklers with the motion detectors. Keeps dogs and kids off the lawn!

  6. I wish you were standing in front of me, Mr. Steve Morris, so I could kick you straight in the Oingo Boingos. Ahh, I’m just kidding. As far as you know.

    “…but I’m sort if Generation X.”

    If you were in your mid-twenties in the mid-90’s, there’s no ‘sorta’ about it. You *are* Generation X. To think anything else is to not understand the concept….

  7. I’m millennial! My favorite part of the cartoon is the comments where all my fellow millennials with comp sci and comp/electrical engineering degrees are complaining about how there are no jobs out there for us. Getting a college degree in engineering was the biggest waste of time and money….

  8. “Getting a college degree in engineering was the biggest waste of time and money…”

    At least you didn’t get a degree in journalism. Talk about a waste of time and money, especially after a study named “newspaper reporter” as the worst job out there.

  9. I liked Bors’ cartoon a lot, and I’m over 50. I’ve had to explain to other people my age that young people aren’t living with their parents (or grandparents) because they’re lazy and don’t want to grow up. They’re doing it because jobs that pay a living wage are scarce in this, the worst economy since the Great Depression.

    That may be a hard concept to grasp, if you’re a boomer who grew up in the prosperous ’50s and ’60s.

    To Johnny Memeonic: Yes, I think the policies of George W. Bush’s administration sucked, too.

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