The Beano reaches a staggering 75th anniversary issue later this month, with a giant celebration issue coming out July 24th. To celebrate the occasion, I’ve been told that they’re bringing in the big guns – artist Zoom Rockman will be making his  Beano debut, whilst it appears Andy Murray (Scottish Hero) will also be making an appearance in the issue…. with his mum.


Rockman is the writer, artist, and publisher for his own comic called The Zoom, which has now published 8 issues. You can find more at his site. Started when he was 9 years old, if you follow the series carefully you get to watch as his writing and art slowly develop and grow over the course of those 8 issues. He’s caused a bit of a sensation in the British comics community, and the 75th anniversary will see him bring his style to The Beano for the first time. That’s pretty exciting, I think.

To start off with, though, let’s return to Andy Murray. As you can see above, the newly crowned Wimbledon Champion – I do NOT get tired of writing that – will be facing a new threat in the issue. After going for a nice walk with his mother, he hears the sound of a new challenger to his title. One which makes all the terrors of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal pale in comparison…


That’s right – Minnie The Minx.

Well! I’m excited! 75 years is an incredible achievement for The Beano, and I’m really hoping it lasts well past the centenary. Still published weekly, this issue is out July 24th. Go try it out!