Okay I guess you have to live in or around Brooklyn, land of entitled single child families and artisinal everything—to get Park Slope Family Circus…but maybe not. Park Slope is a region of Brooklyn that is near both a park and a slope. Streets full of elegant brownstones have led to a well-to-do suburban population within the confines of the city.

This parody joins such classics as Cthulhu Family Circus, Nietzsche Family Circus, Jersey Circus, and the granddaddy of them all, Dysfunctional Family Circus.



  1. Yes. Park slope is where hipster parents have their hipster kids. It got so bad that bars had to put up signs saying no babies allowed in, cause you know, hipster parents like to take their babies, one year olds to their favorite bars to drink Pabst. Also, on any week day you’ll see a squadron of nannies pushing strollers talking on the phone and making you walk in the street since they “own” the sidewalk. NOW …I do have to say, the kids have RAD clothes. You’ll never see real handy downs on them.

  2. Hipsters got priced out of the Slope a decade ago. It’s a straight yuppie enclave now, albeit a more interesting one than other places.

    – b (Slope resident since 2002, father of two, owns Subaru Forester, shops organic, etc)

  3. I take it back. Hipsters do live in the Slope, just the special breed of hipster that has $1.5mil to spend on an apartment and can still pay a full time nanny.


  4. Since when did Park Slope become straight? It is the bastion of wealthy lesbian couples starting their first family, hipsters who WISHED they were the lesbians who live there, children with more therapists than pediatricians, married couples with more dogs than children and the dogs have therapists too, and an army of Trinidadian nannies to rival Napoleon’s troops. But don’t forget the black neighbors who live in a rent-controlled apartment that they pay eight times less for than the white couple beside them because they got in when the words “Park Slope” and “Prospect Park” were synonymous with rapes and muggings.

  5. Yeah, what Brian said — no hipsters here, The Beat’s description is much more apt. Last year, while sipping a maple latte on a reclaimed wood bench in my all-locally-sourced cafe, I overheard two 8-year-olds debating which was better, the Guggenheim or the Frick.

    – J (Slope/Heights resident since 2005 except for one misguided year in Harlem, no kids, but I walk my cat)

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